What are some things a new homebuyer in Orlando, Florida should look for during the inspection process?

When an individual, couple, or family is looking to plant some roots in Orlando by purchasing a home, they need to be sure the house they are buying fits their budget, checks off boxes on their must-have list, and is in decent condition. One way for a potential homebuyer to find out if the home they are interested in has any underlying issues is by conducting a home inspection. Home inspections should be done by licensed inspectors and may cost a few hundred dollars.

During the home inspection process, it is important that the inspector conduct a thorough inspection of the home. Some of the areas an inspector should pay close attention to according to Zillow include:


  • The foundation.

The foundation is what holds a home up and any small issue could eventually lead to bigger, not to mention costly, problems. Therefore, a home inspector should look on the inside and the outside of the property for cracks or shifts in the foundation.


  • The lot.

A home should have an adequate drainage system in place so that any water being moved out of the home or off of the roof is taken away from the home rather than left surrounding it.


  • The roof.

New homebuyers should have an inspector check the condition of the roof and find out when it was last replaced. The roof of a home is probably one of the costliest parts to replace and a new homebuyer likely doesn’t want to move into a home without first knowing if the roof is good or is in need of being replaced.


  • Signs of leaks.

Ceilings and windows should be inspected carefully to ensure there aren’t any signs of leaks. One small leak could develop into a major one which can then lead to significant damage if left unaddressed.

Some of the other areas of a home that should be inspected before a homebuyer commits to making a purchase include:

  • Appliances
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Heating/cooling system


If a potential homebuyer learns after the inspection process that there are issues that will eventually need fixing, they should discuss this with the seller. They may be able to work into the contract a payment that will help cover these underlying issues.


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In addition to a homebuyer hiring a home inspector, they should also consider retaining an Orlando, FL real estate attorney before purchasing a property. An attorney can review the contract before the deal is complete to ensure it makes sense and that it is in the best interest of the homebuyer. To connect with a real estate attorney in Orlando who will protect a homebuyer’s interests and assist with the closing process, contact Legal Counsel P.A.


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