If you currently own a business, then you likely operate it using online tools and resources. Whether you use social media to market it or use online tools to help manage certain aspects of it, then it is safe to say that some of your personal information belonging to you and/or your business is stored online. And while you may have the necessary software installed to help keep this private information protected, there is always a chance that a scammer or hacker is going to attempt to cyber-attack you in an effort to get some or all of the information you have stored online.
Now, although we hear about large companies being hacked by cybercriminals continuously, there are plenty of business owners out there that aren’t concerned with being cyber attacked, according to Property Casualty 360. And unfortunately, “65% of business owners do not have a dedicated employee or vendor in place to monitor for cyber-attacks,” which places many companies at risk of becoming a cyber criminal’s next victim.
Therefore, if you are a business owner and aren’t too concerned with the idea of being cyber-attacked, not only will you want to raise your level of awareness, but also consider implementing these 10 tips Property Casualty 360 recently shared that highlight some best practices that business owners can implement that will help them deal with cybercriminals.

  1. Create backup copies of your important business data and information. While the source highlights that 84% of business owners are aware of this, only 58% do it. The truth is, having backup copies in the event your software or computer is hacked can help you as may lose access to the original data and won’t be able to retrieve it.
  2. Protect all your business-related software from viruses, spyware, and other malicious code.
  3. Secure your networks.
  4. Control physical access to computers as well as other network components. As a business owner, many programs allow you to dictate what information employees are able to access so be sure you set these restrictions so that certain individuals aren’t accessing files they don’t have any busy being in.
  5. It would be wise of you to establish security practices and policies that are geared toward protecting sensitive information. Some of the information you have stored on the internet could be dangerous if it ends up in the wrong hands. And the last thing you need is for your company to take a loss all because you didn’t have the necessary security practices in place.
  6. Be sure your employees are using strong passwords and that they must change them every so often.
  7. Discuss with your employees the possibility of a cyber threat and cyber-attack and explain that your employees will be held accountable if they make a mistake that puts your company’s information at risk.
  8. Be sure all your public websites are protected.
  9. Be cautious and careful when using credit cards or other forms of payment online.
  10. Take advantage of some of the tools out there that notify you via your mobile device in the event your data is at risk or a hacker is attempting to retrieve private information. This way you can quickly and promptly tend to the matter and get it under control.

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There are many roles a business owner has to play, including protecting their company from cybercriminals, and sometimes it can become overwhelming to keep up with it all. That is why many individuals hire a FL business attorney or even a FL employment law attorney to help them manage certain aspects of their business. When an issue arises or the company is the victim of a cyber-attack, your lawyer can be there to help you understand what you should do and how you should handle the situation.
Therefore, if you own a business on your own or with a partner in Fort Lauderdale, FL and haven’t yet hired a business lawyer to help you with the difficult circumstances that arise, one of Florida’s leading business and real estate law firms in Fort Lauderdale, FL. With years of experience and an extensive understanding of business law, this team of attorneys is sure to provide you with the legal assistance you will need.

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