Tequesta, FL – When someone is seriously hurt in an accident, there are many different problems that they will deal with aside from having to go through medical treatment. This means that the person’s life can totally change in an instant, and they will be left with serious long term problems because of their injuries and other related issues. Filing an insurance claim shortly after the incident and speaking with a local lawyer who focuses on accident cases are often the two best ways for victims to get help. 

Work and career effects

Once someone has a serious injury or disability, their ability to work at their prior job and earn income can be affected. When someone cannot earn any money temporarily or permanently, it can be difficult for them to meet their basic expenses and survive. Things like lost income and diminished future earning capacity are often some of the largest aspects of damages in a civil lawsuit. This is because these amounts can become quite large over time, especially if the person cannot work for years or decades. 

Medical treatment and recovery

After the accident, it is common for victims to be transported to the hospital, where they may stay for some time depending on their injuries. Even after being released, the person may have to meet with doctors or other specialists, and follow certain protocols for recovery and additional forms of treatment. After a serious injury, this process can last months, years, or even become permanent. All of these treatments also have costs associated with them. 

Quality of life issues

A traumatic accident can affect someone’s mental health and put them in physical pain for a certain span of time due to their injuries. This can make it difficult for the person to have the motivation to complete basic tasks or try to commit entirely to the recovery process. When an attorney argues for pain and suffering damages from the defendant, these are the types of losses that are normally included. 

Suing for damages

When considering a civil lawsuit, it is important for the victim to bring all of these issues to their lawyer’s attention. The lawyer can file a civil negligence case that asks for various kinds of damages from the person or business responsible for the injuries. This normally includes costs of medical treatment, lost income, and non-economic losses due to pain and suffering.

Meeting with a local personal injury lawyer

There are attorneys in Tequesta who focus on helping people get compensation after serious motor vehicle accidents and other incidents. Smith and Vanture is a trusted personal injury firm in Florida

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Smith and Vanture

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