What are some ways that motorcyclists can stay safe on Florida’s highways?

Boca Raton, FLMotorcyclists can take certain basic precautions to help reduce the possibility of an accident, or decrease the likelihood of serious injuries if a collision occurs. This can be accomplished with some basic planning and equipment. 

Property safety equipment and clothing

Riders can start to minimize their risk before even getting on the road. Helmets, clothing that covers the entire body, and a properly functioning vehicle can all be significant for minimizing the possibility of accidents and protecting the body from impacts. Even a helmet is not technically required by law for some riders in Florida, they should be worn whenever realistically possible. 

Obeying the speed limits and traffic laws

If a motorcyclist speeds, gets distracted, or failures to obey other traffic laws, their likelihood of crashing starts to go way up. It is tempting for some cyclists to try to get around other vehicles and drive carelessly, which is easier on a motorcycle than other vehicles due to its smaller size. Things like weaving in and out of traffic and lane splitting are especially problematic because other drivers may not see a motorcycle within the few seconds it takes to cause a collision. If a driver or cyclist is engaged in these kinds of behaviors when they cause an incident, it is likely that they will be found to be at fault. 

Keeping a safe distance from trucks and large vehicles

Highways are especially dangerous for cyclists due to high speeds, semi trucks, and large amounts of traffic at certain times of the day. A collision with a much larger vehicle is especially likely to cause a motorcyclist to sustain life changing injuries. Because of this high risk, it is especially important for motorcyclists to take some time to ensure their own safety on the roads. 

Drivers of large trucks tend to have very limited visibility around certain parts of their vehicle. If a cyclist is in one of these blind zones, this is an extremely dangerous spot for them. The truck may need to suddenly brake, change lanes, or turn and any vehicles in these spots are likely to be hit. 

Inclement weather

Motorcyclists should always try to avoid being on the road in rain and during other forms of severe weather. Choosing to not be on the roads is usually the best thing to do at these times, as things like severe wind and hail make it almost impossible for riders to control their bikes as normal. 

Contacting a local personal injury firm

Rosenberg Injury Law assists clients with their accident lawsuits in the Boca Raton area. When a collision happens, victims have the option of retaining an attorney to receive compensation from the party responsible for their injuries. 

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