What are the basics of employment law in League City?

League City, TXEmployment law is one of the more complex aspects of the American legal system because of the number of different regulations that affect employers and workers. There are laws related to proper pay, overtime, employment contracts, discrimination, sexual harassment, work visas, wrongful termination, minimum wage, and various other areas. These regulations can also vary by state, and there are even federal laws that govern how certain workplaces can function. Despite these complexities, there are some basic issues in employment law that are meant to protect workers rights and ensure that they are not mistreated by their employers.

Pay practices

One of the most important aspects of employment law is making sure that each worker is paid properly for all work that they have done. There are federal and state minimum wage laws, and these establish the minimum hourly rate for employees. Texas has chosen the same minimum wage as the federal laws require. Workers must also be paid overtime for working more than forty hours in a week if they are considered hourly and non-exempt. Wage laws also protect workers from being mistreated by working for free, as employees must be compensated for all labor performed at their employer’s direction and the employer needs to keep records of the worker’s hours and wages. 

Sexual harassment laws

All workers have protection from various types of discrimination. When an employee experiences serious forms of mistreatment or threats due to their gender, this is considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment laws protect every worker, regardless of the gender of the victim or the person responsible for the harassment. The most common scenarios where a victim can take legal action include constant mistreatment that creates a hostile work environment, or quid pro quo harassment where their boss asks for sexual conduct in exchange for benefits or continued employment.  

Anti-discrimination laws

Similar to sexual harassment laws, all employees in a workplace have the right to be treated fairly. All workers are members of a protected class based on things like their race, gender, or religion. If an employer treats a person negatively due to these protected characteristics, they can face a lawsuit for discrimination. The worker also cannot face retaliation for reporting discrimination and using the legal process to protect their rights. A retaliation lawsuit can result in the employer having to pay additional damages, including their losses related to the initial incident of discrimination.  

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor firm that works with local clients in League City and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys are available to help anyone who has questions about workplace problems such as wage theft, unpaid overtime, discrimination, and sexual harassment

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Moore & Associates

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