What are the consequences for employers who allow sexual harassment to happen in Texas City?

Texas City, TX – Sexual harassment can become a serious source of problems and liability for workplaces. It is important for employers to properly train workers regarding identifying and reporting illegal harassment, and efforts should be made to actively stop any harassment once it is detected or reported. Workplaces who do not take issues related to sexual harassment seriously may have to pay out damages to victims through lawsuits and face other serious consequences. There are attorneys who focus on this area of the law, and they can provide more specific information about how a workplace should train their workers and eliminate the potential for harassment. 

Civil lawsuits

Most sexual harassment lawsuits are filed against the workplace rather than the individual responsible for the harassment. This is because workplaces are implicated in issues related to hostile work environments and supervisors who abuse their authority against their subordinates. While the potential payouts can vary based on the size of the employer due to damage caps in sexual harassment cases, it is common for the employer to owe the victim an amount in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Negative publicity and public relations issues

It is possible that news of sexual harassment can reach media sources and the general public. Any company that is implicated in a lawsuit can face various forms of damage to their reputation, which can ultimately affect the business in terms of profit and the ability to bring in new customers. This is especially true for businesses that rely on bringing in large volumes of customers, as workers in these industries are also most likely to experience harassment. 

Investigations by the government

There are various agencies at the federal and state level which have the authority to investigate legitimate claims of sexual harassment. Compliance with these investigations can cost both time and money, as resources could be allocated to routine business activities rather than matters related to the investigation that are compelled by the government.

Changes in workplace policies and procedures

A workplace may have to invest in developing new training, new procedures for employee conduct, hiring human resources professionals, and other areas as the need to prevent harassment becomes apparent. This should be done immediately with the assistance of sexual harassment attorneys if workers have reported being harassed and it seems that measures already in place are not working. 

Texas employment lawyers

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