DUI programs are a requirement of DUI offenders to help decrease the number of drunk and drugged drivers out on the roadway.
One of the penalties that comes along with a DUI charge in Los Angeles for a repeat offenders and those charged for the first time is the need to complete a DUI program. The purpose of DUI programs is to:

  • Reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders.
  • Provide those who are required to participate with an opportunity to address their alcohol-related problems they may have or their issue with drugs.

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) provides these licensed programs to offenders and there are various ones they may be required to participate in.
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What Types of DUI Programs are Offered


  • The Wet Reckless Program– When someone is convicted of a reckless driving offense with a significant amount of alcohol in their blood, they might be required to complete this program which is a 12-hour DUI alcohol and drug education program.


  • First Offender Program– If you are first time DUI offender in Los Angeles, you will be required to complete one of the following based on your BAC level: three-month (30 hour), six-month (44-hour), or nine-month (60 hour) program. Aside from that, you will also be required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of alcohol and drug education, 10-44 hours of group counseling, and possibly some individual counseling interviews. Remember, the purpose of these programs is to deter DUI offenders away from engaging in the act again so educating them and speaking to them helps to contribute to meeting this goal.


  • 18-Month Program– Now, if you are second offender or have been arrested and convicted for DUI more than twice, you are looking at the following requirements:
  1. 12 hours of alcohol and drug education.
  2. 52 hours of group counseling.
  3. Bi-weekly individual interviews.
  4. 6 hours of community reentry monitoring.


  • 30-Month Multiple Offender Program

In some instances, a county may require that a DUI offender complete a 30-month course if they have three or more charges. This program requires that the offender:

  1. Completes 12 hours of alcohol and drug education.
  2. 78 hours of group counseling.
  3. Individual interviews.
  4. Up to 300 hours of community service.

While DUI programs are meant to help reduce offenders from driving while under the influence, they are also a requirement and must be completed. If you failed to complete your program or are seeking legal aid for a recent DUI charge, a local Los Angeles, CA DUI lawyer can provide you with all the services you need.

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