What are the most common forms of wage theft in Midland?

Midland, TX – There are a number of ways that employers avoid their obligation to pay workers properly. This can come in many different forms, but there are a few types of wage theft that tend to happen regularly in Midland, Texas and other cities in the United States. Anyone who believes that they have not been paid properly should look carefully at the most likely types of wage theft and check their own records and pay statements. If a problem is apparent, the worker should notify their company and get legal help if the issue is not resolved. 

No payment at all

This problem is most common among contractors, temp workers, and others who are not regularly employees of a business. Some workplaces may simply forget to pay a person for one shift or day worth of work. Other workers on temporary projects may not be paid at all, even after the entire project is completed. It is possible that the company will simply ignore workers, move to a new location, change names, or cease operations altogether to avoid being caught. 

Overtime violations

When a worker records more than forty hours of work per week, they must be paid at one and one half times their normal rate. This is true for all non-exempt workers. Many employers commit wage theft by improperly trying to tell employees that they are exempt or salaried, and can be paid the same amount regardless of how much time they put in each week. Some industries have complex methods of calculating overtime, so it is important for the worker to discuss their status with human resources or payroll, as well as retaining their own lawyer to review their situation. 

Minimum wage issues

All workers need to be paid according to the federal or state minimum wage. If the state minimum wage is greater, then the worker is entitled to this amount. Some employers try to find creative ways to tell employees that they should be paid less than minimum wage at certain times or for certain activities, but this is still illegal. 

Industries that have the most wage theft 

The restaurant and food service industry, retail stores, textile and garment making, healthcare, and seasonal agricultural jobs tend to be problem areas for wage theft. Low wage earners are at higher risk, but even well paid or high earning workers can potentially experience wage theft.   

Wage law attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that handles labor law, including discrimination, sexual harassment, unpaid wages and wage theft issues in Midland. Anyone who needs assistance from a licensed attorney can contact the firm to learn more about protecting their rights. 

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