Zachary, LA – Almost all accident lawsuits will end with some kind of settlement negotiations and an agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant. This is because a personal injury settlement is an efficient way to end a lawsuit without additional court costs and legal fees. A trial also carries a risk of an unfavorable jury verdict. Because the settlement process is so crucial, anyone who is about to end their case with an agreement with the defendant should prepare with their lawyer to help maximize their compensation and ensure that the agreement has the best terms possible. 

Choosing the right lawyer

Because the negotiations will be done by an attorney, the victim should be careful to retain a firm that has extensive experience with personal injury law. It is likely that a veteran accident attorney has successfully negotiated favorable settlements for many clients over the years. During an initial meeting, the client should learn about the lawyer’s background and credentials to make the right choice. 

Adequate compensation

Victims of another person’s negligence should make sure that their settlement will pay them sufficiently. This includes looking at total costs related to medical treatment, recovery costs, and even projected future losses due to healthcare expenses. There is also the possibility of non-economic damages for pain and suffering, as well as damages related to lost income, time away from work, and other detriments to the victim’s career. The sum of all of these amounts can grow very large if the person is disabled, seriously injured, or if they cannot work as normal anymore.  

Having evidence available

The file for the case should be filled with things like the victim’s medical records and costs, evidence related to the defendant’s negligence and the accident scene, and any other documentation that can prove the plaintiff’s losses. Being able to prove costs of medical treatment and future medical complications is usually a significant aspect of a settlement that is related to injuries. A doctor should have been retained to confirm and verify the necessary treatment and amounts. If the case was to go to trial, this doctor could possibly testify as an expert witness

Clear goals

Before the negotiations formally start, the lawyer and the client should be on the same page regarding what amounts are acceptable and what needs to be accomplished through the settlement process and ending the case. A settlement is usually an absolute end to any legal action related to the accident

Getting more information from an injury lawyer

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an accident firm in Louisiana that helps people with their civil lawsuits in Zachary. Potential clients can meet with a licensed attorney during an initial consultation to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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