River Forest, FL—Consumer shopping trends have significantly changed over the last two years as have the way people conduct business. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of many factors that have contributed to these changes. Because consumer needs and wants have shifted dramatically, those looking to start a new business in Florida will need to conduct market research before investing a large amount of time and money into their idea.

Through market research, entrepreneurs will be able to learn more about what customers want and whether there is a demand for their type of business. Competitive research is another tactic new business owners can use to help them determine what will set them apart from others and build a demand for the products/services they are selling.


Where should an entrepreneur start with market research?


While it is important for entrepreneurs to gather demographic information so they are able to “better understand opportunities and limitations for gaining customers,” it is equally important for them to know what types of businesses have gained traction so far in 2021. To help those who are looking to start their own business or decide if their idea is a good one, below is a list of the types of businesses that are currently flourishing.


  • Digital Marketing Companies

People today are living in what is identified as the “digital age.” This is because everything is done digitally. Shopping, banking, learning, etc. are primarily done online now and while it is much more convenient to receive a package or information via the internet, it does make it more challenging for businesses to get noticed.

And this is where digital marketing companies come into play.

Businesses today are competing with those online who offer the same or similar products and services and in order to get their brand in front of consumers’ faces, they need to market, and market well. Unfortunately, digital marketing isn’t something that can be learned overnight, and therefore, businesses are now relying on digital marketing companies to help them grow and sustain their business.


  • Delivery Businesses

Because consumers are now shopping online more frequently, there is a high demand for delivery services. In fact, food delivery services alone generated $26.5 billion at the end of 2020, according to Yahoo! News.


  • Online Tutoring Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the number of children being homeschooled to increase significantly. With this rise in kids being homeschooled or attending school virtually, there is also a need for tutoring. Because learning from home has its challenges, some students fall behind on subjects or struggle without having a teacher providing them with in-person instruction. Therefore, more parents today are turning to tutors for help.


Have a business idea that is ready to be brought to life?


Whether the business will be run online, out of a storefront in Florida, or both, entrepreneurs will want to take the time to learn more about the requirements they must meet in order to legally operate their business. Entrepreneurs can contact Legal Counsel P.A. so that a River Forest, FL business law attorney can review their business plan and help them get started with making their business official.


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