What are the most serious costs that can follow an accident in Alvin?

Alvin, SC – Victims of accidents will often need some kind of financial assistance afterward. This is because things like healthcare, lost wages, and property damage can all add up to become significant expenses afterward. The main way that victims can receive the necessary compensation is to file a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for their losses and their insurance company. The losses or damages will need to be paid by the defendant if there is a settlement agreement or the victim wins at trial. Certain lawyers in South Carolina and other states focus their entire practice on this process of helping accident victims get the compensation that they need.  

Medical treatment and expenses

Healthcare costs are high in every part of the United States. An accident that results in injuries may require emergency treatment, ambulance rides, hospital stays, visits with doctors who have knowledge of the specific injury, and various other services from healthcare professionals during the recovery process. 


If someone is disabled after a collision, their ability to be independent and earn a living will be affected. They may require assistance from some kind of caretaker as well depending on their disability. These will be permanent costs, and the victim and their attorney can try to project all of the future costs related to special care and lost wages that will be associated with the disability. Future lost income is often a very large part of damages in cases where the victim can no longer work. 

Concussions and brain injuries

If there is trauma to the head during the impact from the accident, it is possible that the victim can experience long term or permanent symptoms. Concussions can result in insomnia, memory loss, mood swings, and other mental and physical problems. If there is brain damage, this can become a long term problem that affects the victim’s ability to function as normal. The treatment costs associated with brain injuries can be very significant over time, especially if multiple visits to specialist doctors are required. 

The process to receive compensation

In most civil lawsuits, the victim’s attorney will mention all of these costs and losses in the damages section of the complaint that starts the lawsuit. As the case progresses, it is most likely that there will be settlement negotiations to determine the actual amount that the victim will receive. The compensation should be sufficient to cover the victim’s present and future needs, as the settlement will end all related litigation permanently. 

Assistance after an accident in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is available to help anyone who has been injured in Alvin and other cities around South Carolina. Their attorneys can provide advice about how to proceed with a lawsuit and receive compensation for losses.  

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