What are the Pros and Cons of Using DIY Websites to Create an LLC?

Winter Springs, FL—Anything and everything can be found on the internet today— even LLC formation companies. While the DIY, or “do-it-yourself” trend has become increasingly popular over the last few years, when it comes to establishing a business, individuals are encouraged to tread carefully if they are considering using a website that allows them to “DIY”. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Pros and Cons to Using DIY Legal Websites

DIY websites aren’t all bad, but they could be putting a person’s ownership rights at stake if they don’t understand the forms they are filling out. Therefore, before an individual resorts to using a DIY legal website to start their LLC, it’s a good idea to review the pros and cons listed down below to ensure this is the most suitable option for them to use to start their business.

Benefits of using a DIY legal website to start an LLC

  • They are cheaper. DIY websites are cheaper than hiring an experienced Winter Springs, FL business law lawyer. The starting fee on certain websites begins at $79 plus filing fees.
  • It’s quick. Forming an LLC using an online DIY website is often quicker than hiring an attorney. Forms can sometimes be filled out within minutes and an LLC is formed. Most websites will also file the forms with the appropriate state which leaves an individual with one less thing to do.

Downfalls to using a DIY legal website to start an LLC

  • The paperwork is difficult to understand. While some forms are straightforward and to the point, such as choosing a name for the LLC, others go more into detail regarding how the business will be dissolved. While it may be easy to submit an answer, if it isn’t the correct one, one or more parties signing on to the business could be putting their rights to profits or ownership at risk.
  • There is no legal professional around to ask questions. When forming an LLC, it is likely questions will come up that only an experienced Winter Springs, FL business law attorney is equipped to answer. Unfortunately, when using a DIY legal website, there is little help, if any, provided. This means questions could be answered wrong or one or more parties may be putting their investment in jeopardy.


Although DIY legal websites are a good choice for some, it is in a person’s best interest to first consult with a skilled business law lawyer in Winter Springs, FL to see whether retaining a lawyer is the best option for them.

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