What are the reasons a worker may need the services of an employment lawyer in Lubbock?

Lubbock, TXEmployment law is complex and it covers a number of different issues that workers may encounter throughout their careers. However, there are a handful of common reasons that people end up speaking with an attorney who files lawsuits related to labor and employment law. In most cases, if there is evidence that the employer broke the law, the worker will be able to receive some kind of compensation based on the severity of their losses. More specific information can be shared during a legal consultation at a labor law firm in Texas. 

Wage theft

The most likely problem that a worker is going to need legal assistance with is some kind of improper payment. Wage theft can take a number of different forms, and even if an employer has made a mistake, they are still legally obligated to correct it and pay the employee their full amount of outstanding wages. This can include withholding tips, payroll mistakes, not paying overtime, minimum wage violations, or illegal deductions from a worker’s paycheck. If the employee is successful in their unpaid wage lawsuit, all outstanding wages must be paid, plus interest if the payment is late.  

Discrimination cases

Workers are protected by various federal, local, and state laws from being punished, terminated, or mistreated in other ways due to protected characteristics. These include gender, race, national origin, and sexual orientation. In addition to these protections, workplaces also cannot retaliate against workers who assert any other legally protected right. Anyone who has evidence of improper treatment for these reasons has grounds to bring a lawsuit. If retaliation is suspected, the worker can file a separate lawsuit or take other actions to make their employer accountable. 

Sexual harassment

While sexual harassment has been recognized as a serious problem in American workplaces, it still happens regularly and often goes unreported. A sexual harassment attorney can review the employee’s situation and determine if formal legal action is warranted. If a case is filed, the lawyer can prove one of two different types of harassment. The attorney either has to show that the victim was subjected to a hostile work environment, or that one of the workers superiors had illegally requested sexual conduct in exchange for benefits or employment. The amount of compensation that is available to the victim depends on the size of the employer and the specific conduct in question. 

Help from a local employment lawyer

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps people with various labor law issues in Lubbock and other areas of Texas. Their attorneys handle discrimination cases, unpaid wage, minimum wage, and overtime disputes, and sexual harassment lawsuits.

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