The mortgage closing is the last step in the home buying process and is when final decisions are made. During the closing of a home, an individual can expect a number of things to occur including1:


  1. The homebuyer will get to review all of their loan documents and sign them. Homeowners are encouraged to have their Orlando real estate lawyers review the terms of the loan documents before the homeowner signs them to ensure they understand what they are agreeing to. In the event the terms differ from what was initially agreed upon, the homeowner will want to address the issue or have their attorney handle it for them before anything is signed.


  1. The homeowner will have the opportunity to present their homeowner’s insurance documentation and inspections if any were done.


  1. Provide the initial payment that is required. During the closing, the homebuyer will be expected to make their initial down payment if one is required as well as pay any closing costs, taxes, insurance, etc. If the payment is being made via a wire transfer, then that shall be done during the closing.


  1. The lender will distribute the funds to cover the home loan. The party responsible for covering the home loan will be expected to provide the funds agreed upon to the closing agent.


  1. An escrow account may need to be set up, if one is required. Escrow accounts are used to cover certain expenses such as taxes and homeowner’s insurance.


  1. The homeowner will likely receive the keys to their new home.


While most closings run smoothly, discrepancies can and do arise. This is why it benefits to have an Orlando, FL real estate attorney attend the closing as they can intervene if necessary. For instance, if one or more of the terms outlined in the loan documents don’t seem correct or the property owner is now making other demands that were not initially agreed upon prior to the closing, a real estate lawyer will be able to help get the issue resolved.


Haven’t hired an Orlando, FL real estate lawyer yet?


If a homebuyer has yet to retain a real estate lawyer in Orlando to help them through the home buying process, including the closing, they can contact Legal Counsel P.A. for legal help. The attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. will assist an individual with the entire home buying process and ensure the decisions he/she is making are in their best interest.

For more than 20 years, the Florida real estate attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. have provided legal advice and guidance to those looking to buy and sell homes and are available to answer any legal questions a new homebuyer might have.


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