What can a victim recover with a truck accident lawyer’s help in Inniswold?

Inniswold, LATruck accident lawyers assist clients with the process to receive compensation through lawsuits. These legal professionals can use their knowledge of the court system and negligence cases to help clients receive as much compensation as necessary to cover the costs of their injuries and other losses. However, there are rules related to damages and compensation that determine how a victim can be compensated. 

Anyone who needs to start this process should schedule a meeting with a local firm to discuss their injuries and chances of receiving a favorable settlement. 

The summary of damages

When a lawsuit is initially filed, the plaintiff’s complaint can list various kinds of damages in the request for relief. These are losses related to various problems caused by the truck crash. Costs of medical treatment, hospitalization, and recovery tend to be a large aspect of damages in an injury lawsuit. However, there are other types of damages as well. Economic damages can also include lost income and wages, as well as projected future costs associated with career losses and time away from work for recovery and medical care. 

Commercial vehicle insurance

The defendant in the lawsuit will likely be the truck company or the driver’s employer. This is because employers are liable for the actions of their employees who are actively working. It is also beneficial that the business is named as a defendant because semi trucks and other commercial vehicles need to carry special insurance that can cover the large costs of truck accidents. This is necessary because the average accident involving a semi truck costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

A settlement agreement

The truck accident case will likely conclude with a settlement between the victim and the defendant company’s insurance provider. This is because trials tend to be more costly and time consuming, and there is also a risk that the jury could find in favor of the defendant. Ideally, the amount in the settlement agreement will be sufficient to cover most or all of the plaintiff’s losses. Their attorney should have sufficient skill and experience in negotiation for these amounts. The victim should also be careful when accepting a settlement, as it will not be possible to take additional action at a later time if other injuries or losses are discovered. 

Truck accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with truck accident victims in the Inniswold area and other parts of Louisiana. Those who have been injured can schedule a meeting with their attorneys to receive advice about the process to bring a civil injury lawsuit for various types of compensation. 

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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