Midland, TX – A common problem for businesses that are running low on money is that they cannot afford to pay their workers. However, the employer still has a responsibility to only issue paychecks that will actually clear after they are given out. The employee has some things they can do to try to fix the situation, but it is recommended that anyone who is dealing with serious problems at their workplace get help from a labor attorney. Legal help may be necessary to ensure that the company is not engaged in illegal practices.

Paychecks from employers that bounce

If a check bounces, this is technically illegal as a person or business that issues a check is always required by law to ensure that there is enough money in their account to cover any check given to others. Additional laws also state that the person issued the check should have an expectation that they will be able to cash the check for a certain period of time after it is issued. 

The employee who received the check should first check with their human resources or accounting department to see if there was some kind of honest mistake. The employer may be able to simply issue a new check and pay the person properly within a few days. If there was some kind of computing error or glitch, no further action may be required if the employer pays the person correctly in a short period of time. However, the employer also has an obligation to not make a worker wait an excessive period of time for their wages. 

In severe cases, a local labor board may investigate the issue if they learn about consistent problems with the same workplace. The company can face fines and sanctions, or even criminal charges for intentionally writing bad checks. 

Unpaid wages and illegal pay practices

Various issues with unpaid wages and wage theft are some of the most common problems that workers face. In addition to problems with paychecks, there are regular issues with violations of overtime laws, minimum wage laws, and management trying to get additional work out of their employees without expecting to pay them. The employer is also obligated by law to keep records of all time worked by their employees, which should be available for inspection if necessary. Violations of wage issues can result in lawsuits for back pay, interest, and other damages associated with lost income. 

Labor attorneys who help clients in Midland

Moore and Associates is available to handle all employment and labor issues in the Midland, Texas area. The firm offers consultations to anyone who needs assistance with workplace issues such as unpaid wages, harassment, and discrimination. 

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