What can an accident victim in Yuma do when a car insurance claim will not cover their costs?

Yuma, AZ – Drivers pay into their auto insurance policies under the assumption that they can make a claim and receive money to help pay their costs. However, an insurance company will only pay a victim of an accident if their coverage coincides with the specific kind of damage or loss that was reported, and there are also limits on how much an auto insurance claim will pay out. Anyone who is having difficulties after their accident should speak with an attorney who practices in their area before accepting any kind of a settlement from an auto insurance company. 

Auto insurance claim denials

Car insurance companies are businesses that need to generate profits and keep their expenses low. Unfortunately, this can result in many claims being denied. Even some legitimate claims can potentially be denied in bad faith, and insurance companies occasionally get caught engaging in these kinds of unethical practices. It is also possible that the victim was unaware that their liability coverage will not cover their own injuries. The type of liability coverage that is required by law in Arizona and other states will only cover damages that the driver causes to others. If the person is hurt, they may need to sue the person who is responsible for their injuries to get money for healthcare costs. 

Legal advice

If an accident victim is disappointed with the service and responses from their insurance provider after a crash, one of the best things that they can do is to meet with a local attorney. It may be necessary for the attorney to review the claim documentation, the policy, and possibly even file a civil lawsuit. The civil accident case is usually the best way for a victim to recover the amounts necessary to cover their medical costs. This is because negligence cases do not have the same kind of limits on payouts that insurance policies do. 

What does the victim need to show to recover?

When a lawsuit is filed, the victim needs to have evidence available that the accident was the defendant driver’s fault. This can be through things like traffic violations, distracted driving, or criminal activities such as intoxicated driving. If the plaintiff can show a deviation from the standard of care based on these kinds of evidence, they can receive a favorable settlement or jury verdict for compensation. 

Help from car accident lawyers in Yuma

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that helps people solve their problems related to accidents in the Yuma, Arizona area. Anyone who needs more information about lawsuits, insurance claims, and other related issues can contact their attorneys to schedule a meeting. 

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