What can happen to drivers who break the speed limit in Kershaw County?

Kershaw County, SC – Speeding can be very dangerous for everyone on the roads. This is because speeding drivers are much more likely to cause accidents, which can result in injuries and loss of life. A driver who is caught speeding or involved in an accident may face consequences such as traffic citations and associated fines, as well as lawsuits for negligent driving. Those who have been injured by a speeding driver can get legal assistance to learn more about the process to receive compensation through a civil accident case

State speed limit laws

The state of South Carolina has passed speeding laws that apply to all drivers on the roads. These include the absolute maximum and minimum speed limit law, which states that any driver going above the posted speed limit or going much too slow is violating a traffic law. The driver also needs to operate their vehicle at a speed that is considered reasonable and prudent based on the road conditions and any hazards nearby. Penalties can include fines up to several hundred dollars and a driver’s license suspension. Those who are driving more than twenty five miles per hour are also considered reckless drivers. The penalties for reckless driving can include jail time in addition to fines, and the person can be required to take driving classes. Drivers who cause fatalities while speeding may also be charged with other crimes. 

Negligence lawsuits

Behaviors such as speeding and reckless driving can also be used as evidence of negligence by anyone who was injured by the driver during the course of a car accident lawsuit. A negligence case argues that the defendant breached their relevant duty of care, and these actions resulted in various kinds of losses or damages. Most negligence cases will end with settlements, where the defendant’s insurance company pays out the plaintiff’s costs through liability coverage. However, it is also possible that the driver can be personally liable if their insurance company does not cover the accident, their policy limits are exceeded, or other issues are present. 

Compensation in negligence cases comes in the form of economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages, which are only available in cases involving reckless or malicious behavior. Economic damages are for things like lost wages and costs of healthcare, while non-economic damages are related to pain and suffering or quality of life problems caused by the accident. 

Personal injury lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm handles issues related to motor vehicle crashes for injured clients in the Kershaw County area. People who need additional assistance with the process to bring a lawsuit can meet with one of the firm’s attorneys. 

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