What can I do if the executor of my loved one’s estate in Florida isn’t performing their role properly?

When an individual fails to properly perform their role as an executor of an estate, it can lead to disagreements between one or more parties that could potentially break family ties. Rather than argue with the executor of your loved one’s estate over how they are handling their duties, your best bet is to contact a Coral Springs, FL estate planning attorney who can determine what your legal rights are and what can be done to address the issue.

If your loved one left a will that clearly outlines how they want their estate to be disbursed, then the executor is required to follow the terms set forth in the will. Unfortunately, there are times when an executor may fail to follow a person’s final wishes outlined in their will which often results in certain assets going to the wrong people.


So, what can a person do when an executor fails to follow the directions stipulated in a will?


  1. Bring the issue to the attention of the executor. If you think discussing the discrepancy with the executor is a good option, do so with caution as questioning an executor’s actions could lead to tension building. Instead of accusing the executor of making a mistake or abusing their role, ask to see the will so you can review it yourself. If you find the executor has made an error, you can request that they correct it as they could be held personally liable or contact Express Law and let a Florida estate planning lawyer handle the problem for you.


  1. Have an estate planning lawyer in Coral Springs, FL assist you with removing the individual as an executor.Under certain circumstances will the courts remove a person as an executor of an estate. If you think the individual is hiding assets, stealing from the estate, or refusing to follow the terms set forth in the will, you should contact Express Law to find out what your next steps should be to get the problem resolved.


If you are unable to get the issue resolved amicably, Coral Springs, FL estate planning lawyer Margery Golant is available to discuss with you what can be done to ensure your relative’s will is carried out in the manner they would have wanted. Sometimes, when an attorney is brought into the picture, it helps to get the problem resolved without ever having to take the matter to court. In other cases, going to court may be the only way for you to obtain the assets you are rightfully entitled to. If you are ready to speak with a lawyer regarding your family-related matter, call 561-449-2076.


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