To begin with, let us comprehend what exactly insurance fraud is before actually moving on to what the penalties and consequences are for those found guilty of committing such a type of fraud.

Profound criminal defense legal pros explain that insurance fraud is when a person attempts to falsify information and debunk his or her insurance company in order to receive an insurance claim or settlement even though they are not legitimately entitled to receive it.
An unambiguous crime
Insurance fraud is a crime as per state laws of the state. In fact, in most states, there are fraud bureaus whose job it is to investigate and identify incidents of insurance fraud and bring them to light. This is a clear cut crime that people tend to commit for a variety of reasons.
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The nature of the crime could be felony crime or a misdemeanor, depending on the state in which it was committed and the severity and extent of the insurance fraud itself. Under federal law, you can even be charged with healthcare fraud if you submit a false claim and so on.
Insurance companies can be criminals too 
On the other hand, insurance companies themselves are often the perpetrators of insurance fraud. Often, insurance companies simply deny claims without any solid reason for doing so in order to save money and maximize profits and this too is a crime. This is specifically known as denial in bad faith.
Considering the fact that insurance companies may receive illegitimate claims, it is understandable that they should be wary of every claim they receive and they should properly investigate it. However, this is not grounds for irrationally denying some of the claims they do receive. Sometimes the person who has filed the claim may be in dire need of help and financial assistance.
When frivolous insurance claims are made, it is not just the insurance company that is affected, but society as a whole takes a hit and this is precisely why crimes involving insurance fraud are severely punished to the full extent of the law.
As per statistics from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, fraudulent insurance claims costs the nation as much as $80 billion dollars every year. In fact, these losses are not borne by the insurer alone. It eventually trickles down to policyholders and consumers because insurance companies will simply raise their premiums to make up for the losses faced due to fraud.
The repercussions of insurance fraud
For those found out to have committed insurance fraud, there are different legal punishments in different states as per the respective state laws. However, generally, such fraud is classified as either soft fraud or hard fraud. Soft fraud is usually a misdemeanor punishable by:

  • fines
  • jail time
  • community service
  • probation

Hard fraud committers can be hit with a felony which can include lengthy prison terms up to several years.
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