What do contract lawyers do for businesses in Nashville?

Nashville, TN – Contracts are important for businesses because all of their relationships are based upon some kind of agreement. This includes employees, vendors, customers, insurance providers, and other parties that regularly interact with the business. A contract is the main way that parties are obligated to actually comply with various kinds of deals that they have made, as there are consequences for breaching agreements. Lawyers are especially important during times when these documents are drafted, or at times when there are disputes or lawsuits for breach of contract. Business attorneys are supposed to ensure that the document meets the needs of the business, and they can help their clients obtain various remedies if one party to the contract does not fulfill their end of the obligation

Duties of a lawyer who focuses on contract law

Legal professionals who work in this area can essentially help a business with anything related to their contracts. This includes drafting them, being present to explain the terms, representation during lawsuits related to contract disputes, and arguing for remedies such as compensation or specific performance of a contract’s terms when property is involved. Even after a document is in place, the business may call upon the attorney to receive additional advice based upon finding new information or other issues that arise. It is also possible that problems related to misrepresentation or fraud will occur.  

Remedies for breach of contract

In most cases, the lawyer will help the non-breaching party receive damages. This compensation is for the money that was lost due to the breach of the contract, or money that could have foreseeably been earned if both parties had fulfilled the terms of the deal as promised. Although less likely, it is also possible that a judge will enforce an equitable remedy. This means that the breaching party is ordered by the judge to take some action. A common type of equitable remedy is making the breaching party comply with the terms, especially if they are unique and a monetary remedy will not be sufficient. This kind of remedy is more common in deals related to construction and real estate. Rescission is also possible if it is no longer possible to complete the deal as written, the judge feels there are serious problems with the document, or the non-breaching party would be better served by no longer being bound by the document’s terms as written. 

Business attorney in Tennessee

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a firm that works with local clients in the Nashville area to help with various business law disputes. Anyone who needs assistance can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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