What do Louisiana attorneys require for inclusion to an AFFF Class Action Lawsuit?

Louisiana – March 1, 2021

Victims of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) exposure can access financial recovery from class action lawsuit financial settlements in some cases.  Firefighters who have been harmed by the effects of this toxic substance should speak to a toxic exposure attorney to see if a case meets the criteria necessary to access recovery options.  The Department of Defense has been called on to phase out the use of firefighting foam, or AFFF, which has been linked to a risk of cancer among firefighters, as well as groundwater and drinking water contamination near military bases, commercial airports and other locations such as Louisiana, where firefighting foam is routinely used to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires. Louisiana firefighters and residents may be negatively affected by AFFF run off that settles in the ground, causing dangers to the water supply, as well as increased air pollutants.  Attorneys at the Law Offices of Stag Liuzza can offer consultation to individuals who are concerned that their health problems may be caused by exposure to AFFF.

Qualifications for Firefighter AFFF Class Action Lawsuits.

To be considered part of a class action lawsuit, victims of AFFF exposure must show that they were regularly exposed to the toxic substance for a prolonged period of time as firefighters.  Career firefighters who have been on the job for several years may meet this criteria as opposed to those that have only used the foam a few times over the course of several years.  The second important criteria require individuals named in legal action to reveal physical harms related to the diagnosis of testicular, prostate, or kidney cancer, most commonly associated with AFFF exposures.

Named chemical companies.

The class actions lawsuit includes hundreds of former firemen and other individuals who were exposed to firefighting foam on the job and subsequently diagnosed with kidney, prostate, or testicular cancer, and are now filing product liability lawsuits against DuPont and other companies. In 2019, all of the firefighting foam lawsuits pending across the country were consolidated into a class action MDL. The Firefighting Foam MDL is in the U.S. District Court for South Carolina.

Worker’s compensation identification.

Possible candidates for the class actions lawsuits can be identified through the Louisiana Workforce Commission when injured workers apply for benefits.  Environmental attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand legal remedies for large scale work accidents and catastrophic losses, such as toxic exposures that result in death, or leave workers with permanent disability and deplete, or endanger the ecosystem.

Seek legal counsel to discuss reducing exposure risks.

There are regulations that support safe cleanup to reduce  the risk of long-term effects in the field.  If an individual feels that pre and post-cleanup activities surrounding oil fields resulted in prolonged exposures to AFFF, it may be prudent to discuss the case particulars with experienced attorneys who understand toxic chemical management and waste laws, relevant to subsequent dangers of AFFF exposure.


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