What does a parent in Brooklyn need to know about child support?

Brooklyn, NYChild support payments are meant to make sure that a child will have the financial support of both parents, even if the child is only living with one of them or there are other custody issues. Once a parent is ordered to make these payments by a judge, the obligation will remain until the child reaches adulthood. Because this is a serious long-term commitment, anyone who is having problems with making their payments should get in touch with a family lawyer as soon as possible. The consequences for not making the payments or sending them late can start to become severe. 

There needs to be proof of paternity to start a child support case

In most situations, the parent seeking support will need evidence such as a birth certificate or a paternity test to prove that the person is a biological parent to the child. A judge can order a person or multiple people to take a paternity test if the issue is disputed or unclear. Sometimes, a child of a prior marriage is assumed to be a biological child of the two parents after they are recently divorced. 

Special needs can be factored into payments

Child support is generally determined by a formula which takes the income and custody times of the parents together to produce an amount. However, children who have special needs can be considered to modify the payments from this standard formula at the judge’s discretion. 

Support payments can be modified

It is possible for an existing child support payment to be changed, however this requires formal approval from a judge and there must be a serious reason to do so. This usually requires a change in income due to a job loss or starting a new position, moving to a new area with a different cost of living, increased educational or healthcare costs, or other situations that will result in an actual need to change the payment amount.

Administration of payments

Most states, including New York, have an automated system where payments can automatically be deducted and made to the custodial parent. In most situations this is a much more convenient choice than trying to manually pay out the appropriate amount, and it also minimizes the possibility that there will be issues with late or misplaced payments. 

Learning more about child support from an attorney in Brooklyn

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that works with families to solve their problems related to divorce, custody issues, alimony, child support, and domestic violence. Those who need to speak with a family law professional in New York can get in touch with the firm and schedule a meeting. 

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