Signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married is becoming more common as the years pass. As more young individuals are deciding to delay marriage until they are financially stable and they have sizable assets, they are opting to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect what is theirs in the case a divorce does ensue.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between the two individuals getting married that explains and settles the problems of property and asset division at the time of divorce. It even settles the issue of spousal support in the case the couple decides to split and what happens with the property if one of the spouses is to die. The prenuptial agreement is always prioritized by the court in the case that a divorce does occur, so a person must take a lot of thought and consideration when signing the paperwork.

Despite what most people believe, prenuptial agreements are not just for the very wealthy. Anyone who has any assets to protect should get in touch with a divorce lawyer to help them write up a legally acceptable prenuptial agreement, so they have their property protected once they are married.

Most prenuptial agreements include:

  • The right to property
  • The distribution of assets after divorce or death
  • The right to buy, lease and deal with property owned
  • The right to manage the family business
  • The right to alimony

The more a person includes in their prenuptial agreement and the more detailed it is, the more likely they will not have any regrets in the case of a divorce. All the factors that are usually decided by a judge and jury will be previously decided in the prenuptial agreement making the separation process a lot faster if it ever comes to that point in their marriage.

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No one walks into their marriage with the intention of splitting up, but life happens and that’s why it’s necessary to take all the precautions beforehand. A person should connect with an attorney to help them decide what legal paperwork they should sign before they get married. It may seem unnecessary at the time for marriage but if matters turn for the worst, a person will be grateful to have taken the extra time to write and sign a prenuptial agreement.

Anyone who did not sign a prenuptial agreement and is now get separated should reach out to a divorce attorney as soon as possible to ensure they get the legal help they need to keep that which rightfully belongs to them.

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