Iowa City, IATrucking driving and commercial vehicles are heavily regulated by the government. This is due to the possibility of serious accidents that can result in fatalities and expensive property damage. In addition to requirements for licensing, cargo, and the weight and dimensions of the vehicles, drivers also need to keep logs with certain details about their work day. Failure to follow these rules can result in various consequences for the business, including lawsuits. 

Requirements for information within trucking logs

The log must be divided into a grid system that includes certain pieces of information each day. The month, day, and year of the beginning of each twenty four hour period needs to be given at the start. Identification that includes the license plate or vehicle identification number of their truck, along with other vehicles that were used during the time. The total mileage that each vehicle was driven during the period should be recorded as well. All carriers that the employee worked for during the day need to be listed in this log as well. 

There must be signatures present from employees, as well as shipping information about any cargo that was sent or received. 

Forgery in driving logs

There are situations where drivers or other workers place false information into these logs to make them look compliant. They can be sanctioned or fined by various regulatory agencies. The logs can also become evidence if the company is sued. Some businesses have even allowed their drivers to falsify these logs on a regular basis to increase productivity and make deliveries more quickly. 

Violations of trucking regulations

Things like improper record keeping, excessive working hours, improper truck maintenance, and violations related to hazardous cargo can all be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit. If a driver caused an accident and any of this kind of evidence is found, the plaintiff may be more likely to get a settlement agreement that helps them pay for things like property repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. In most of these types of truck accident lawsuits, both the driver and their employer will be attached as defendants. The parent company that owns the truck is much more likely to be able to pay out losses through fleet insurance and other forms of protection for their trucks.  

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