Do you ever consider what effect the alcohol you drink has on your body? Aside from impairing your judgement which makes driving harder and even illegal, there are many more ways alcohol can impact your life. So, whether you are someone who likes to have a drink every now and then or you consider yourself to be a heavy drinker, we want you to know what it is potentially doing to your body despite the amount you drink.
Therefore, we are sharing with you five of the ways alcohol affects your body based on information provided by WebMD.

  1. Alcohol goes straight to your head. Did you know that after thirty seconds after you take your first sip, the alcohol will go straight to your brain? According to WebMD, the alcohol will slow down the “chemicals and pathways that your brain cells use to send messages.” This, in turn, alters your mood, slows down your reflexes, and even can throw off your balance. That is one of the reasons why officers ask motorists who are suspected of driving drunk to step out of the vehicle or asked to walk in a straight line.


  1. While you might be under the impression that you are going to be getting a good night’s rest after drinking, you’re not actually getting that good sleep that allows you to feel restored. The truth is, while the alcohol will help make you drowsy and doze off, which is only of the reasons why you should never drink and drive, WebMD says that after your body processes the alcohol and the effects wear off, you’ll be left tossing and turning.


  1. You may experience a buildup of stomach acid. Most people associate too much drinking with throwing up, which is pretty accurate seeing that many find themselves becoming nauseated after drinking, but the effects can be much more severe than you think. If you drink heavy for years, it could lead to ulcers developing in your stomach.


  1. If you’ve ever wondered why you have to use the restroom more often after you drink than any other time, it is because your brain refrains from giving off a hormone that tells your kidneys to avoid making too much urine. So, instead, you wind up using the restroom more which can result in dehydration and over the years, wear down your kidneys.


  1. The pancreas is generally responsible for making insulin and other chemicals that help your intestines break down food. But, after consuming too much alcohol, it can lead to a jam and the chemicals then remain inside the pancreas. These chemicals along with the toxins that the alcohol carries can cause inflation in the organ. And after years of drinking, your body may begin to produce less insulin which can then lead to diabetes.

Aside from having devastating effects on your body, alcohol is also the leading factor in many fatal car crashes today.
One thing to keep in mind is that everyone handles alcohol differently and some might experience these effects at a faster rate than others. However, alcohol is still alcohol and can have devastating effects on your body over time.
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