What does an insurance adjuster do after an accident in Charleston?

Charleston, SC – All drivers are required to contact their insurance company following an accident in South Carolina. They can file a claim to be paid for collision damage to the vehicle, and other losses depending on the specifics of their policy. However, insurance companies will send out someone to verify the value of these losses and vehicle damage after an incident. This person is called an adjuster. 

The duties of an adjuster

An adjuster is usually employed by the insurance company, and they are involved in the process of negotiation based on how much the person will be paid for their accident. In addition to inspecting the vehicle damage, they may review any narrative, accident report, or statement of facts related to how the accident happened and who is at fault. This process also helps detect insurance fraud, which costs Americans significant amounts every year. The adjuster gets involved as soon as the insurance company generates a case related to the collision. Each case gets assigned to one of the company’s adjusters. The adjuster also researches the person making the claim in most cases, to see if they have a history of making lots of accident claims or if they have engaged in insurance fraud in the past. 

Sometimes, an adjuster will also look at medical documentation and records if the victim is filing a claim for injuries in addition to property damage. The victim may have to sign releases for confidential medical records to get all of this information to the adjuster. However, accident victims should always review any of these documents with an attorney before signing and returning them. 

Disputes between the adjuster and the insured

It is common for an accident victim to not be satisfied with an insurance adjuster’s estimates. There are various procedures in place with the insurance company and through the legal process for the person to contest the items that they do not agree with. Especially in the case of serious accidents, the insurance process is normally not sufficient to pay for everything. At these times, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary to recover large costs associated with medical treatment, lost wages, and other serious financial problems caused by a collision. Insurance companies will generally not pay out more than the victim’s policy limits unless they are sued, and they often try to underpay claims to save money.  

Finding help after an accident in South Carolina

There are attorneys available who are experienced in accident and injury cases in the Charleston area. Anyone who needs to learn more about the process to bring a civil case against the person responsible for their problems can contact The Clekis Law Firm. 

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