What does it mean when an employee in Mission is not paid?

Mission, TX – Many workers in Texas and other states may not be paid properly, even if they do not realize that their employer is violating the law. This is a serious matter, as labor regulations require employers to comply with all relevant laws and ensure that their workers receive the total amount owed. If the employer has made mistakes or purposely violated labor laws, they can be forced to pay the total outstanding amount. 

Some attorneys focus their practice on working with people who have not received their proper wages. They can assist with filing an unpaid wage dispute and related problems. 

Wage theft issues

Improper pay is technically considered wage theft, even if the employer has made a mistake because they are unaware of the relevant laws and regulations. Various mistakes or purposeful forms of illegally taking pay from workers cost American employees large sums of money each year. Wage theft normally comes in the form of things like taking illegal deductions out of paychecks, withholding tips, not paying overtime, and minimum wage violations. However, there are other ways that employees do not always receive their proper pay, such as misclassifying a worker as salaried, or administrative errors with payroll that can cause a worker to receive less than they are owed. 

What if the worker has not received a paycheck at all?

Employers are required to pay workers at regular and timely intervals. If it seems that the employee will not be paid at all, they can utilize the Texas payday law to make an unpaid wage claim. This must be made within six months of when the money was supposed to be paid. The first step is to speak with the employer. In some cases, it may be an honest mistake and the worker can receive their wages within a short period of time after they give notice. If the employer is not cooperative, more serious actions may need to be taken. 

Records of pay and hours

All workplaces are required by law to have records of a worker’s time and pay that are complete and accurate. Employees should also get into the habit of keeping some kind of basic records on their own. It can be beneficial for these records to be checked regularly for any discrepancies, and the employer should be made aware of any problems with records of pay. 

Assistance from employment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a labor law practice that works with local clients in the Mission area and other parts of Texas. People who need help with labor issues can contact the firm to learn more about unpaid wages, discrimination, or sexual harassment lawsuits. 

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