What factors can affect the duration of a divorce case in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, NY – Once a couple starts the process to get divorced, they generally want to end the process as soon as possible. This is because divorces tend to be expensive, stressful, and life changing. Some couples can end the divorce process quickly and move on, while couples who have more issues to sort out can take several more months or even years longer than a couple with a fairly simple divorce. Anyone who needs specific information about how long it will take before their divorce is resolved should meet with a licensed attorney and ask any relevant questions.  

Whether there are any children present

Couples who do not have any children can bypass issues such as child support and custody. However, when a divorcing couple needs to have separate hearings for these issues and there are disputes, this will obviously mean more time in court and more time until the divorce case is finalized. Custody tends to be a very contentious matter, as parents are always reluctant to lose time with their children and they can present evidence of their ability to do a better job meeting the best interests of the child. 

The amount of property division necessary

In many divorce cases, property division takes the longest out of any aspect of the divorce. Certain high profile divorce cases have taken years to get through all of the property division matters. This is because things such as real property, automobiles, bank accounts, investments, and other assets all need to be classified as marital or nonmarital and divided accordingly. As a general rule, a couple that has been married a long time or those who have significant assets and high net worth will take a long time to sort through all of their property issues. 

Whether a settlement can be reached

The single most important thing any couple can do if they want to end their marriage quickly is to come to a settlement agreement. If there is a settlement present that was negotiated by both parties, issues such as child support and custody, property division, and debt can all be resolved without having to litigate these issues formally in court. The judge can simply review the settlement, and then sign off on the agreement and the final order to end the marriage. Some divorce cases with settlements can be ended in just a few months.  

Additional information from a New York divorce lawyer

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that helps people with divorces, custody issues, alimony, domestic violence cases, and other related matters. Local clients in the Brooklyn area who need advice can contact the firm to learn more. 

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