What happens after a car accident in Brusly?

Brusly, LAMotor vehicle crashes are a regular occurrence on the roads in Louisiana. Unfortunately, they also create a number of problems for the people involved that need to be addressed. It is often helpful for people who have been involved in an accident to contact a local lawyer and decide on a course of action based on their specific losses and potential for compensation.

Right after the crash

All drivers involved need to remain at the scene and contact the others involved to exchange basic information. They should contact the police or call 911 if there are any injuries or serious property damage. If any driver leaves the scene without making contact with the others or waiting for law enforcement to arrive, they can face criminal charges and a license suspension under Louisiana law. 

People who need medical assistance may be transported to the hospital to receive emergency treatment. 

Contacting the insurance company

Insurance policies for drivers have terms related to reporting all accidents. Once it is safe to do so, the drivers will need to give notice to their auto insurance provider and start the process to file a claim. The insurance company may need pictures of the vehicle damage or they can send an adjuster to review the situation in person. However, there are no guarantees that an insurance company will pay a sufficient amount through a claim or settlement, and it is common for claims to be denied. It is also possible that the insurance companies involved will do everything they can to avoid large payouts and save money. 

Deciding whether legal action is necessary

Auto accident attorneys can assist with various issues after an accident, such as the insurance claim process or suing a driver or their employer when necessary. Legal help is most crucial in situations where there are serious injuries, an insurance claim has been denied, or an entity such as a business that owns commercial vehicles or local government needs to be sued. The benefit of getting a lawyer and taking formal legal action is that the victim can file a case that asks for a sufficient amount of damages to cover all of their losses. This can include medical bills and future treatment costs, lost income and wages, and compensation related to pain, suffering, and trauma. The amount that can be won through a lawsuit tends to increase based on the severity of the collision.

Brusly accident attorneys

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that deals with motor vehicle accident issues in Brusly and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys are available to consult with anyone who needs more advice about how to receive compensation.

Firm contact info:

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

3960 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806



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