Houston, TXWorkers who have not been paid properly have the right to make a claim to receive their full outstanding pay. This worker can get help from an attorney at any point, and they can also utilize the Texas Workforce Commission to get assistance. If the employer has made a mistake, they can be forced to pay the person their late wages plus interest. The Texas Workforce Commission is able to receive unpaid wage claims under their authority through the Texas Payday Law

Remedies provided by the employer

The commission recommends that a worker utilize all administrative remedies from within their employer before they try to get outside help. In some cases, the employer may have made a legitimate mistake or had a payroll software error. This means that they can likely pay the worker their missing wages quickly and no further action will be needed. However, some employers are not cooperative and others may even have forms of wage theft built into their business model.

Submitting the claim

The commission allows claims to be made within 180 days of when the worker should have been paid. If this deadline is missed, the worker will not be able to get their outstanding wages through the commission’s process. The claim should also identify the total amount due, along with other details such as whether the amount is the worker’s regular pay or overtime. There is an automated system online that allows the worker to submit the claim quickly and securely. Supporting documentation and evidence should be filed with the claim.

After the claim

Once the claim is received, the worker will receive an acknowledgement. The person’s employer will also get notice of the claim and they have an opportunity to file a response. The commission has the authority to formally investigate the issue and ask the employer for additional information and evidence. After some time, the commission notifies the employer and the employee of their decision, and each party has appeal rights if they disagree with the findings. 

Collecting outstanding wages

The commission has the authority to file a lien against the employer and take other collection measures. This means that the outstanding wages become a legitimate form of debt levied against the employer until they are paid out. There may be additional consequences for employers who have labor law liens of large amounts. 

Meeting with an employment law attorney

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