After getting charged for any sort of a crime in Florida, you will have to go through the legal criminal procedure. Of course, the procedure will differ from case to case depending on how serious your crime was and other similar factors, but the basic criminal process is the same for almost every crime.

The first step of any criminal case is getting charged and arrested by a police officer. Law enforcement officers will examine the scene of the crime and determine whether they should arrest you or not. If they decide there is enough evidence to arrest you, you will then be called in to face the next step in the criminal process.

You will have charges filed against you and you must then appear in court as the defendant to plead guilty or not guilty. It is now that bail decisions are made, and the defendant may be released from custody or they may be put in jail until the date of the actual trial.

Having a good lawyer on your side during the trial is essential to increase your chances of success. The criminal defendant’s lawyer may try to negotiate a plea bargain with the individual who is charging them of the crime. This is done to increase your chances of receiving a less severe penalty or to decrease the charges being laid against you.

If the charges are not dismissed, then the case will move on to the actual trial where the judge and jury will sit through all the testimonies and presentation of evidence and then decided whether the defendant is actually guilty of committing the crime or not. If they decide you are not guilty, you will usually be allowed to go free. If, however, they decide you are guilty you will be faced with the relevant charges pertaining to the crime you committed.

Appealing the court decision after a trial in Fort Meyers, Florida

If you feel like mistakes were made during the court trial or true justice was not served, you can appeal the case to a higher court in Fort Meyers, Florida. Your attorney can advise you on whether this is a good idea or not and they can help you appeal the decision made by the initial court.

Every case is different and depending on how much evidence you can collect and how strong your defenses are you have a chance of having your charges reduced or, in some circumstances, even removed completely. Having an alibi, proving consent or lack of criminal intent are all defenses you can use through the help of a qualified attorney to prove your innocence.

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