What happens if a trucker in Lemannville does not have a CDL?

Lemannville, LA – Drivers of most trucks and other vehicles used for commercial purposes will need to have a commercial driver’s license, also called a CDL. This special type of license is meant for many different kinds of drivers who are on the roads each day, and the government in each state passes regulations to ensure that people who receive their CDL have special skills and training. For reasons related to safety of the drivers and the public as a whole, drivers who do not have their CDL can face serious consequences if they attempt to drive their vehicle without the proper credentials. If a driver in this situation causes an accident, they can be sued as well and the lack of their proper training and license can be used as evidence by the victim. 

Penalties for not having a license

Any commercial driver who does not have an active CDL can face fines and even the possibility of jail time. Whether the driver never got their CDL, has a license that has been expired for more than thirty days, or has the wrong class of license for the vehicle they are using, these violations are all generally treated the same in terms of fines and punishments. If convicted of the offense, there is usually also a suspension period where the driver is prohibited from operating any commercial vehicles. 

Lawsuits against unlicensed drivers

Civil lawsuits against truckers who cause accidents may implicate both the individual driver and their employer. As a general rule, employers are responsible for the actions of workers while they are engaged in their standard job duties, and the driver can be personally responsible if they are an independent contractor or not working at the direction of any company. The victim of the trucker may introduce evidence related to the person’s lack of qualifications in a negligence lawsuit, which can put the defendant in a difficult situation. It is most likely that the driver or their employer will have to agree to a settlement where they pay for the costs of the victim’s healthcare, lost income, and other relevant losses. These amounts will increase along with the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Advice after a truck accident in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles truck accident lawsuits and other similar motor vehicle accident cases in the Lemannville area. Their attorneys can provide advice about the process to receive compensation through a civil injury case.

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