What happens if an individual misses a doctor’s appointment after a car crash?

Missing a doctor’s appointment after having engaged in a car accident could slow the recovery process and it might even raise concerns with the insurance company. When an individual suffers injuries after a car accident and files a claim for compensation for things like medical bills and pain and suffering, the insurer may not believe their injuries are as serious as they say they are if they fail to attend one or more of their doctor’s appointments.

Therefore, car accident victims are encouraged to try and get to each of their scheduled doctor’s appointments to ensure they are getting the care they need and aren’t giving the insurer a reason to undervalue or deny their claim.


How soon after a car accident should a victim seek medical attention?


If an individual is feeling any sort of pain or discomfort, they are encouraged to seek medical attention right away. There are times when certain injury symptoms may show up later, maybe hours or even days, so it is important for those who feel “okay” after an accident to monitor their condition carefully. In the event medical attention is not sought directly after a collision but an individual begins to experience any degree of pain, they should then consider scheduling a visit with a physician.


Will the insurer deny a claim if a victim seeks medical care days or weeks later?


Insurance companies often look for any excuse not to cover claims or to reduce the value of them. This helps them protect their profits. When an insurance adjuster, which is the person who is assigned to handle and process a claim, believes no injuries were sustained in an accident, they may not offer compensation for anything but the cost to repair the vehicle. But this is why victims are encouraged to not provide any statements to the insurer too soon after the accident and until they have spoken with a Chula Vista, CA car accident lawyer.


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