What happens to drivers who cause an accident while using their phone in Erwinville?

Erwinville, LA – The use of phones and other devices has become a serious problem on the roads. Louisiana and other states have acted in recent years to ban this type of behavior while driving, due to the fact that distracted driving is now a leading cause of injuries and fatalities. Drivers can face a combination of traffic citations and civil lawsuits if they are found to be using their phone while they cause a motor vehicle accident. Anyone who has been injured in this manner and needs advice about how to bring a lawsuit can contact a local attorney for more information. 

The distracted driving law in Louisiana

There are laws against using phones and other distracting behaviors in Louisiana. The state’s distracted driving law bans anyone from using text messaging problems on phones or other devices to read, write, or send messages while operating a motor vehicle. The law says that things like phones and navigation systems can be used by drivers age 18 and older, as long as this is only done through voice communication. Things like viewing internet sites and using social media applications are also banned under this law. The fine issued to distracted drivers will range between $175 and $500, and these fines can be increased if there is an accident. Commercial vehicle operators will receive a larger fine, and in school zones not even voice communications are allowed. 

Evidence of negligence

Aside from traffic citations, a person who was clearly using their phone while driving in violation of the distracted driving law will likely be considered at fault as well. This is important for the purposes of a civil car accident lawsuit, as the driver who is at fault will have to pay out compensation to any others involved. Liability insurance policies that are required for all drivers will cover several thousand dollars worth of injuries and property damage, however the costs of very serious accidents are usually even larger. This means that a distracted driver who causes a crash can be liable for significant medical bills, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident. Victims are even allowed to ask for non-economic damages for pain and suffering through a negligence lawsuit. Most lawsuits are concluded with settlement agreements between the plaintiff’s lawyers and the lawyers who work for the insurance company. Afterward, the insurance company will likely increase the driver’s coverage rates. 

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

There are lawyers who work in Erwinville and other parts of Louisiana to assist people who have been harmed in a crash with the process to receive compensation. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an experienced accident law firm. 

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