What happens when a commercial vehicle is taken out of service for safety violations in Smoke Bend?

Smoke Bend, LATrucking and the use of commercial vehicles is highly regulated by the government in a number of different ways for safety reasons. This is because large vehicles that are used improperly or driven by drivers without proper training have a high chance of causing a serious accident. If law enforcement discovers safety violations or other problems with a truck, they may force the driver to take the vehicle out of service for a certain period of time so corrections can be made. This means that the driver will not be able to follow their previous schedule and there will be delays. 

Out of service issues

The most common reason a violation is issued that requires the truck to be taken out of service is when the inspector finds some kind of problem with the cargo and loading or mechanical issues with the truck. Inspectors will also check the brakes, fuel system, coupling materials, steering, lighting, tires, and the frame of the vehicle. If issues are discovered, sometimes minor repairs can be made on site, or the truck may have to be transported to a different location for a more comprehensive evaluation and repairs. The vehicle cannot be operated legally until it is cleared to do so when violations are found. The trucking business can face serious fines if the driver is caught operating a vehicle that is still technically supposed to be out of service. 

Negligence lawsuits

Aside from penalties from the government, a truck that has problems then causes an accident or injury may result in lawsuits. If there is evidence that the truck should have been out of service, but was driven anyway, this would help prove the elements of negligence.  

The person who was injured can argue that the trucking company was negligent for operating a problematic vehicle or making other mistakes. This is problematic from a business perspective because crashes involving large commercial vehicles tend to be extremely dangerous and cause large dollar amounts worth of damage. There is special insurance that is required to cover these kinds of losses, but it is also possible that the business will have to pay some of the damages out of their own money. This can include costs of the victim’s medical treatment, lost income and wages, and compensation for non-economic damages related to pain and suffering. 

Help from a local injury attorney

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that handles truck accidents and various other types of motor vehicle collisions for local clients in Smoke Bend. Anyone who needs to talk with an accident lawyer who is licensed in Louisiana can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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