What happens when a driver in Village Saint George gets into an accident with a commercial vehicle?

Village Saint George, LA – Certain businesses have drivers who are on the roads for several hours a day as part of their jobs. This includes semi truck drivers, bus drivers, and others who transport goods and provide services. If a driver of one of these vehicles crashes into another car on the roads, they can be sued and they may have to pay for all of the victim’s costs. There are accident attorneys in Louisiana who focus on these kinds of cases and helping victims with the process to bring a lawsuit.  

After the accident

Immediately after the accident happens, the driver should contact the local police to report the incident and provide assistance to anyone who is hurt at the scene. Simply leaving the scene of the accident is a crime, and anyone who does so will be prosecuted. Once the police or medical personnel arrive, they should attempt to render aid, secure the area, and start their accident investigation. The investigation will also generate a report that is an important piece of evidence in civil cases related to negligence for causing a crash. 

Insurance claims

The victim should also contact their insurance company and submit a claim as soon as they are able to do so. This is required under the terms of all policies, and there may be compensation available through the insurance company that covers the commercial vehicle. It is common for trucking companies and other similar businesses to have special high risk insurance that covers their fleets of vehicles. The insurance provider may offer a settlement if it is clear that their driver was at fault for the crash. However, in some cases a lawsuit may be necessary. 

Accident lawsuits

The company that owns and operates a commercial vehicle can be named as a defendant in a civil negligence case. This is because businesses are responsible for the actions of employees engaged in their standard job duties in most cases. The negligence case filed by the plaintiff will argue that the driver responsible for the crash violated their standard duty of care on the roads, which led to various kinds of losses, such as having to pay for medical treatment and property repairs. In most cases, the company or their insurance provider will choose to settle out of court. This is because lawsuits tend to be more time consuming and expensive if multiple court hearings and a trial are required before the case is resolved. 

More information from an accident attorney

There are lawyers in Village Saint George who can help people who have been involved in an accident in Louisiana. The attorneys at Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf can provide advice that is specific to anyone who is considering an accident lawsuit.

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