Yuma, AZ – There are a number of reasons why someone who should not be driving may cause an accident. Many people simply choose to drive a vehicle, even if they do not possess a valid license at all. Punishments and lawsuits can start to pile up when someone who should not have been on the roads at all is involved in a car crash

Punishments for driving without a license

The driver will be fined and receive a citation from the police officers on the scene if they are not licensed and legally able to drive on the state’s roads. If the person’s driving privileges were previously taken away for things like excessive traffic violations or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they will be arrested and charged with a criminal misdemeanor. The fines associated with a suspended license are also greater than when a driver is simply operating their vehicle without a license. 

Legal action and negligence lawsuits

If a person without a driver’s license is named as a defendant in a lawsuit, they may be treated somewhat differently from a regular driver. The fact that they did not possess a valid license will be evidence of negligence. Traffic violations are regularly used by attorneys for plaintiffs in negligence cases to show negligence per se. This is a legal doctrine that shows a driver must have breached their duty of care on the roads, because they violated a traffic law meant to keep people safe. Not meeting the requirements to have a valid license when causing an accident would count as violation of a traffic safety law and the type of harm that the law was meant to prevent. 

The costs of the lawsuit

All civil lawsuits are meant to pay accident victims for various problems caused by the defendant individual or business. This means that an unlicensed driver who causes a collision may be personally liable for costs associated with lost income, property repairs, and medical treatment. It is also likely that they do not have insurance if they were not able to legally drive. 

There is also the possibility that the victim can plan for sudden losses caused by an uninsured driver. Most auto insurance companies offer special coverage in case of an accident caused by a driver without coverage. The policy will usually have a higher cost if this option is added. 

Legal help in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry are available to help people in the Yuma, Arizona area with various aspects of a motor vehicle collision lawsuit. Accident victims can contact the firm to schedule a meeting to discuss their situation and learn more about personal injury cases. 

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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