What happens when a motorcyclist is partially at fault for an accident in Lake Clarke Shores?

Lake Clarke Shores, FLMotorcycle accidents can be a serious problem for all of those involved. The cyclist has a high risk of serious or fatal injuries. Other vehicles can sustain damage and the people inside can be injured as well depending on the strength of the impact. This results in large medical bills, time away from work, and other losses that will become relevant if formal legal action emerges.

An important issue that will need to be decided if there is any legal action related to the crash is assigning fault. People who want additional information about how fault and negligence work in Florida should meet with an auto accident attorney and ask relevant questions.  

Florida’s negligence system

State law is beneficial to those who are partially at fault for their own injuries and losses. Under the system of comparative negligence, fault for accidents is divided between each driver involved based on the evidence available to equal one hundred percent. Regardless of the amount of fault given to each party, they can still attempt to bring a lawsuit for damages. Their compensation is reduced relative to their level of negligence, but there is no amount of fault that will prevent the person from bringing a lawsuit entirely. As a practical matter it is important to meet with an attorney to decide whether it will be beneficial to go through with the process to bring a lawsuit in situations where the plaintiff is somewhat at fault for their losses. 

Settlement negotiations

This determination of fault can be important even in situations where a case will be settled. The reality is that almost all accident lawsuits will be settled without needing a full trial in court. Insurance companies and their lawyers are aware of the state’s negligence laws. They can try to argue for an amount of compensation that would reflect what the victim would receive if the case had proceeded to trial and ended with a jury verdict. Whether the motorcyclist is going to be personally liable for any of these damages can depend on the specifics of their insurance policy and coverage limits. If the range of compensation is in the tens of thousands of dollars, this is likely within the policy limit, while serious accidents that result in very large costs may exceed the policy amount. 

Florida accident attorneys

Smith and Vanture is an accident firm that works to help local clients in Lake Clarke Shores and other parts of Florida. Anyone who needs more information about motorcycle crashes or related matters can contact the firm to get assistance during a consultation to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit. 

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