What happens when a person involved in an accident in Austin does not contact their insurance company?

Austin, TX – As a general rule, people who were driving and got into an accident should always notify their insurance company. This is true whether the person believes that they were at fault, or if they think another person caused the crash. Anyone who has been injured in an accident can also contact an attorney to get advice about a civil lawsuit, even if they have insurance coverage and have already filed a claim. A lawsuit can still be necessary for anyone who was hurt to receive maximum compensation through an injury settlement. 

Notification requirements

Insurance policies contain a number of different rules that the policyholder needs to understand. One of the most important rules is that the insurance company should be notified of any accident as soon as realistically possible to start the claim process. If the person does not speak with their insurance company within a reasonable time period, there are some serious consequences that may follow. 

Policy cancellation

While the insurance company has discretion to decide what they want to do after finding that an accident was not reported, it is possible that they will cancel the person’s coverage. Some policies specifically contain language that states the insurance company has a right to do so, and that the policyholder agrees to their terms. The terms may also include reasons why the company can choose to raise coverage costs for someone due to increased risk and other issues. 

Not receiving claim money

If a person never reports their accident, it also means that the claim process does not start. This means that if they paid for insurance in case of a crash, they will have no chance of receiving financial help from the provider related to their property damage, medical bills, or other losses. 

Are there any times an insurance company does not need to be notified?

There are a few different situations where the person or people involved in an accident may use their discretion to not report an accident. This generally includes if the accident was very minor and there are no injuries or noticeable damage, or if the accident happened on the policyholder’s own property and they choose to handle the damage and other consequences on their own. However, it is generally recommended to report even minor collisions to the insurance provider if injuries or property damage becomes apparent later. 

Help from an accident lawyer in Texas

Robson Law Firm is dedicated to helping people with personal injury issues and accident lawsuits in Austin and nearby parts of Texas. Their attorneys can provide specific advice about bringing a civil case to anyone who has recently been hurt.

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