Las Vegas, NV – Not all drivers follow proper procedures after an accident. Everyone is supposed to make contact with the other drivers involved and exchange information, as well as notify their insurance companies. The police should also be contacted if anyone is injured or there is serious property damage. However, some drivers just leave an accident scene immediately, likely because they are concerned about driving without insurance or a license. Anyone who has recently been involved in a hit and run accident should contact their insurance company, the police, and their local injury attorney as soon as possible.  

Consequences for leaving the scene of the crash

Leaving the scene of the accident is illegal, and anyone who does not make contact with the other drivers involved will be prosecuted if they are ever caught. Aside from these criminal charges, there are consequences related to insurance and injury lawsuits. A driver may be dropped by their insurance company for violating the terms of the policy if they simply leave an accident scene. They will also likely be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit by the victim, and they can be forced to pay for any damage that they caused. The fact that they left the scene can also be important evidence of negligence that may make it more difficult to create a defense in the civil case

When the victim cannot identify a hit and run driver

Unfortunately, in some cases the victim may be on their own if the victim is never identified and found. This is because there is no person to sue, or even identify what insurance company may have carried their coverage. Without a defendant to be served with a lawsuit, there is no case. 

Some insurance companies account for this possibility by allowing drivers to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. This means that the victim may possibly file a claim and be paid, even if the responsible party does not have coverage or cannot be located. However, this type of coverage is not required by law and some drivers may choose to not pay for additional uninsured motorist coverage. There have also been issues where some insurance companies still try to avoid payment to the victim, even if uninsured motorist coverage is present. Anyone who is concerned about hit and run accidents should ask for more information about coverage from their provider. 

Help with personal injury lawsuits in Nevada

Southwest Injury Law is available to help local clients in Las Vegas with their accident lawsuits. Anyone who is considering bringing a civil case against the person or business responsible for their injuries should contact the firm to speak with a licensed attorney. 

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