Live Oak, FL – All drivers in Florida and other states are required to have some kind of basic liability insurance. This protects other drivers and property owners by having compensation available if the person causes any damage. However, there is a serious problem with large numbers of uninsured drivers operating their vehicles on Florida’s roads. Anyone who has been involved in an accident with someone who does not have insurance should take certain steps to protect their rights and get help. This may include meeting with a lawyer to learn more.  

Reporting the accident

The driver should remain at the scene, contact local law enforcement, and notify their insurance company. The police will want to investigate the incident, as driving without required insurance is illegal. The insurance company will also want to know about any kind of accident, as reporting each car collision is required by the terms of the driver’s policy. It is possible that the driver may be prosecuted for their actions. It is also common for uninsured drivers to try to discourage others involved from reporting the accident or offer bribes to not contact the police. 

The process to receive compensation

After most accidents, the insurance company of the driver at fault will usually pay out a settlement or some other kinds of compensation to the victim. However, if the driver is personally liable for these amounts and they do not have any kind of insurance coverage, it may be difficult to get the person to actually pay for the victim’s losses such as medical treatment and lost wages, even if there is a judgment against them. 

After each accident, the drivers should get advice from a local attorney to determine whether a lawsuit is necessary or not, and the potential amount of compensation available. 

Uninsured motorist coverage

Probably the best way for a driver to receive protection from an accident involving an uninsured driver is to pay for uninsured motorist coverage. This type of insurance allows a driver to pay into a policy that will act on behalf of the uninsured driver if there is ever a crash. While this is not required by law, most insurance providers will offer some kind of uninsured motorist coverage at an extra cost. The coverage amounts for an uninsured motorist usually match the overall liability coverage on the policy. 

Getting help from a local lawyer in Florida

Koberlein Law Offices is a firm that helps accident victims with their lawsuits in the Live Oak area. Their attorneys are available to consult with anyone who needs more information about the process of bringing a motor vehicle accident case.

Firm contact info:

Koberlein Law Offices

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