What if a car accident victim in Chula Vista, California can’t afford an attorney?

After a car accident, it is highly recommended that an individual retains a Chula Vista, CA accident lawyer to ensure they understand their right to compensation and aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance company. But many forgo their right to retain legal counsel simply because they can’t afford it. Although hiring a lawyer can be costly depending on the type of case they are representing, not all accident lawyers require an upfront payment, and some do offer affordable services.

Despite the misconception that lawyers are too costly to hire after engaging in a car accident, many work on a contingency basis. When an attorney is willing to work on a contingent fee arrangement, it means they don’t collect fees unless they win their client’s case.


How does a contingent fee arrangement work?


When a lawyer agrees to work for a client on a contingency basis, they can expect the following:


  • The lawyer will agree to accept a fixed percentage of the recovery. Although the American Bar Association says this is usually one-third of the victim’s recovery, the percentage will vary on the attorney hired and the case type.


  • The lawyer’s fees will be taken out of any money that is awarded to the victim, hence, the victim will not have to pay a large lump sum upfront when they initially hire the attorney.


  • If the lawyer doesn’t win the case, the American Bar Association says a victim won’t have to pay the attorney for the work they did for them.


  • The plaintiff in the case (i.e. the victim looking to recover damages) will generally have to pay court filing fees regardless of whether they win or lose their case. These fees will vary by case type so it is a good idea to discuss how much they might be with an experienced accident attorney in Chula Vista.


Why does it benefit to retain a car accident attorney after a crash in Chula Vista, CA?


Although the cost associated with retaining a lawyer is a major concern for car accident victims, it is important for them to remain cognizant of why it benefits to hire a lawyer. Attorneys, unlike insurance companies and negligent parties, are looking out for a victim’s best interest. This means they want them to become aware of their right to compensation and they aren’t afraid to help them exercise that right.

Chula Vista, CA accident lawyers also help car crash victims file insurance claims and even work directly with the insurer on their client’s behalf so they can spend their time focusing on getting their life back on track. 


Find a Chula Vista, CA Accident Lawyer Who Works on a Contingency Basis


If an individual was recently involved in a car accident in Chula Vista, CA and they are looking to retain a lawyer without having to pay upfront fees, they can contact The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth may be able to work with a victim on a contingency basis so that they are able to obtain the legal aid they need to potentially win their case.

To connect with The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth now, call (619) 691-8942.


The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth can be reached at:


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