Everyday there are drivers who get behind the wheel of their vehicle drunk or drugged. Although these individuals are aware they are breaking the law, they still engage in the crime and risk getting into a drunk driving accident. There are also a number of other individuals who are pulled over and accused of driving while impaired, whether it be from the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs. The fact is, wrongful convictions occur more than you would think and there may be a reason why.
DWI charges can impact your life severely and if you were wrongfully accused of the crime, you need a Monroe DWI defense lawyer working on your side to prove your innocent.
If you feel you were wrongfully convicted for DWI and you live in the Monroe, LA area, don’t hesitate to contact USAttorneys.com. They will help you get paired up with a Monroe, LA DWI lawyer who can help you fight back against this wrongful accusation that has been made.

  1. One of the reasons why wrongful DWI convictions occur is because there is no clear method that can be used by an officer to determine whether or not you may have taken drugs. While breathalyzer tests can confirm a person’s BAC level right away during a routine traffic stop, officers aren’t able to identify whether you are under the influence of a drug. Of course they will consider your behavior, if you were driving erratically or recklessly, and if they can smell any sort of drug during the time of the traffic stop but there is no method that can be used to determine this at the time of the traffic stop.


  1. Because officers aren’t able to identify whether a person is simply tired as opposed to being impaired, they are expected to use their training and acquired skills, such as those who are considered Drug Recognition Experts, to determine whether a DWI charge needs to be issued. But, that means they are relying on their judgement, observations, and indirect evidence to determine this. And that can become a serious issue for someone who is suspected of driving while under the influence who is innocent as they could still be charged if the officer is adamant on arresting them.


What Can You do to Fight Back Against a Wrongful DWI Charge or Conviction?

Going up against the law isn’t going to be an easy feat to overcome. In fact, you are going to need a Monroe, LA criminal DWI lawyer working for you if you want to have any chance of beating this case. One of the biggest issues that presents itself in any criminal arrest is that once you are presumed guilty, it is hard to prove otherwise. You probably were arrested by an officer who possesses skills and training in identifying drunk and drugged drivers and there are some police officers out there who abuse their rights and power.
Therefore, if you have proof that you were not under the influence of any sort of drug or did not consume alcohol but are being charged with DWI, it is time you let USAttorneys.com help you find a nearby DWI attorney in Monroe who can take charge in your case and get you off the hook for something you merely didn’t do.

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