Car accidents are not a pleasant experience while the degree of trauma can vary greatly. It could be just a fender bender, but on the other end of the spectrum it could be a catastrophic collision with fatal consequences.

Sometimes, there are cases where people who have been involved in a car accident believe that they escaped unscathed or without injuries. However, they later realize that they have indeed been hurt or injured and it is just not an injury or condition that showed up or manifested right away after the accident.
Head and neck injuries, even back injuries, may not register themselves immediately. It could be weeks down the road, in some cases months, so this is one of the main reasons you do not want to accept any deal with the insurance company since they are not in this to help you―they are in this to save themselves a buck. Once you sign off on accepting their payment, there is no going back no matter how extensive your head or neck or any other injuries appear to be.
Not all injuries are visible
One of the most common concerns that victims have when injuries show up weeks or months after the accident is whether they could still sue the liable party or parties in order receive compensation. According to profound legal professionals, the answer is in the affirmative (but not if you already signed a deal with the insurance company for some compensation since that nullifies your right to sue as just mentioned) but there is much more to it than that.
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The reason most people do not realize they have been injured right after a car accident is because the human body releases adrenalin and endorphins as part of a survival technique which will actually block the brains from sensing the pain from an injury so that we can physically do whatever it takes to get out of danger. This is also commonly known as the fight of flight syndrome where adrenalin is released and our bodies are effectively super charged.
Soft tissue injuries and concussions
It only once these hormones and bio chemical reactions in our body subside will be notice/feel the pain or injury. Two common types of injuries which people may not realize has occurred right away during car accidents are soft tissue injuries and concussions.
There are symptoms for concussions which will start showing up hours or days later such as:

  • clouded thinking
  • inability to concentrate
  • difficulty remembering new information
  • headache
  • blurry vision
  • dizziness
  • lack of energy
  • sleep cycle unusual
  • nausea

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