St. Petersburg, FLFamily lawyers work in the local court system that hears cases related to ending marriages, child support and custody, alimony, premarital and prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, adoption, and various other issues that deal with relationships between family members. Within these areas of the law, there are a number of specific things that are best done only with the assistance of an experienced attorney.   

After being served with divorce papers

When someone has suddenly been given divorce documentation from their spouse, it is likely that the other party already has their own lawyer who is actively working on their case. If someone is surprised when they are served with divorce papers, this is a strong sign that they should retain their own lawyer as soon as possible to avoid an unfair outcome in the divorce case. Throughout the divorce there may be hearings related to child custody and support, property division, and alimony. If one spouse is unrepresented, they may not be able to adequately defend their own interests. 

To modify child support

Once a child support obligation is in place, there are serious consequences for missing or avoiding payments. The only way there can be changes made once an order is in place is to schedule a hearing with a lawyer and have them present evidence of changed circumstances that would warrant a difference in the current payment plan. This should be done quickly, as the person subject to the order can start to have their wages garnished or lose their driver’s license once they are behind on their payments. 

Paternity testing and related issues

If a parent wants to receive child support, paternity must be established. There are also certain other benefits that can only be put in place after the paternity test is completed. Testing can be bypassed in some situations if the parties both agree, but if there are any issues or doubts, the formal process to take a test and present the results to the court needs to be done. 

Other problems

This list is an not exhaustive summary of everything that family attorneys do. There are other situations which may not be obvious that require the assistance of a family lawyer. Anyone who needs more specific advice or help should explain their issues at an initial meeting with a local firm that handles these kinds of problems. 

Family law attorneys in Florida

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet focus on helping people in the St. Petersburg area with their family court issues. When a divorce, custody hearing, or any similar issues are upcoming, the firm is available to help. 

Firm contact info:

The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet 

1901 Ulmerton Road, Suite 435, Clearwater, FL 33762 


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