What is a Contested Will and How a Probate Law Firm in Palm Beach, Florida Can Help

While a contested will is not common, when it does happen, it can wreak havoc on the probate process and the administration of a deceased person’s estate. A contested will can cause delays in an estate’s beneficiaries receiving their inheritance. If you are in a situation where a family member or relative is contesting your deceased loved one’s will, you may want to speak to a probate lawyer in Palm Beach, Florida at Moran & Associates. A probate lawyer can review the situation, determine why the will is being contested, and fight for your rights.

A will might be legally contested in a few scenarios. For example, if your loved one’s written will does not reflect the wishes that your loved one told you he or she had following his or her passing, the will may need to be subject to further scrutiny. In this case, the court may check the signatures, see if the will is valid, compare the most recent will to older wills, or try to determine whether the person who passed away was subject to undue influence. Undue influence can occur in a situation where a person had dementia or another illness that led to their mental decline. If a family member drew close to this person while their illness progressed and the person changed their will shortly before passing away, the family may contest the will, claiming undue influence. A will that is changed shortly before a person passes away or a will that is dramatically changed or includes people who aren’t close family members may be brought into question or contested during probate. For example, if your deceased loved one suddenly included a caregiver in his or her will, the will may be contested during probate.

While the above reasons are uncommon, they are certainly valid situations where a family may want to hire a probate lawyer in Palm Beach, Florida at Moran & Associates to help them navigate the process. Yet, there are situations where a family’s emotions may get in the way of the probate process. Sometimes a family member might contest a will if they are receiving less money in inheritance than they expected or if they don’t receive what they expected. In this case, a probate lawyer in Palm Beach, Florida may be able to help you navigate the challenges and delays that can arise when this happens, and fight to help you and your family move forward more quickly.

Finally, the best way to avoid a contested will is to make sure you have sound estate planning and end of life planning in place. The estate planning lawyers in Palm Beach, Florida at Moran & Associates can assist you and your family in writing a will, taking a will to probate, or navigating the legal process of probate after a will has been contested. 

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