If you are married or in a committed relationship, it is likely you share the same bed with your significant other. While this is common among many couples, it turns out, some would much rather sleep in separate beds than to cuddle with their loved one. Apparently, Mattress Clarity conducted a survey a few months back that revealed many couples would rather sleep in a different bed than with their spouse or partner given they had the choice to do so.
The company surveyed 3,000 people in the state of Florida of which 39.1% was approving of sleeping in separate beds. Apparently, many of these people are “losing out on sleep because of the activity of their significant other,” whether it’s due to them having different schedules, snoring, stealing the covers, or because they move too much throughout the night, according to NBC 2.
Some of the other findings the survey revealed was that 10.8% of the 3,000 people “had a relationship ended because of sleep issues with their partner.” Another large percentage (21.5%) of couples said they even argued because of their partner’s sleep habits and 27.8 said they have had to have discussions as to whether they wanted to allow pets in the same bed.
While most attribute sleeping in separate beds with divorce or separation, perhaps engaging in this practice might actually save some relationships rather than break them up. According to Joe Auer from Mattress Clarity, “Sleeping in the same bed as your partner may still be the social “norm,” but that trend is certainly changing. If sharing a bed with your other half is leaving you tired and grumpy, why not consider a sleep divorce? Over a quarter of Americans have said that sleeping apart has improved their relationship.”
While this may be true, the survey did highlight that 40% of people said they would not want to admit to their family members or friends that they were sleeping in a separate bed from their partner.

How did other states rank in terms of who wanted a sleep divorce?

While 39.1% of Floridians did say they wanted a sleep divorce, surprisingly there are state’s that had a higher percentage. Here are a few of the state’s that ranked higher in terms of individuals who wanted a sleep divorce from their significant other:

  • Nevada-39.6%
  • Pennsyvania-41%
  • Mississippi-41.3%
  • New York-42.4%
  • Maine-42.7%
  • Louisiana-44.4%
  • Tennessee-45.5%
  • New Hampshire-67.4%
  • West Virginia-82.2%

[Source: Mattress Clarity].
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