What is business litigation in Nashville?

Nashville, TN – Anytime that two businesses are engaged in a disagreement and they formally file lawsuits, this is a form of business litigation. Most business litigation is related to things such as contract disputes, arguments over money and financial obligations, property issues, or one business failing to perform its required duties. It is possible that the disagreements will need to go through court hearings and a trial, but it is more likely that the attorneys for each side of the dispute will come to a settlement. Each business should have representation from an experienced attorney to increase their chances of success after the lawsuit has been filed.  

Contract issues

Almost all business deals are formalized into some kind of written document. This means that a dispute over terms, or a breach of the obligations contained in the contract is one of the most common problems that businesses have. Remedies for breach of contract include damages that compensate the non-breaching party for their losses specifically related to the contract terms, or in some cases a court may compel specific performance if a remedy at law would be insufficient. There is also the possibility that a court may rescind a contract that cannot be enforced as written or for other deficiencies of the deal. 

Property and real estate issues

Some businesses are engaged in the process of buying or selling real estate. It is also possible that other businesses deal with leases, construction, and other matters related to various kinds of property. Issues with property law that affect businesses can include missed deadlines, a failure to complete a project, violations of a lease’s terms, and construction not completed as specified. 

Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property

Many businesses are involved in creating products that are unique and need to be protected as part of their business interests. However, certain individuals or businesses sometimes violate confidentiality agreements or otherwise attempt to steal intellectual property. Various laws and regulations are meant to protect business investments in patents and intellectual property. 

How is litigation resolved?

Like many other civil cases, a business lawsuit will normally be resolved through a settlement agreement. This is where the attorneys for both sides agree on a resolution to avoid additional disagreements or losses of time and money spent in court. However, it is also possible that a case will need to go to trial, and the judge or jury makes the decision regarding liability. 

More information about business law in Tennessee

There are law firms that focus their efforts on business litigation for local clients in the Nashville area. The Law Office of George R. Fusner is an experienced law practice that can provide additional help related to these kinds of issues. 

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The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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