What is considered a long term marriage in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale, FLDivorces can involve a number of different factors that determine how the couple will end up after the case is completed. A significant factor in Florida is whether the marriage is considered long term, short term, or moderate term. A judge in family court can use the length of the marriage to make several decisions related to property division and alimony. In all divorce cases, each spouse should contact a local attorney and get their own representation and additional information about these issues. 

Marriage length and divorce in Florida

State law divides marriage length into a few different categories for the purposes of divorce. Those that last seven years or less are considered short term marriages. Marriages of more than seven, but less than seventeen years are moderate term marriages. If a marriage has lasted seventeen years or more, this is considered a long term marriage.

Alimony and marriage length

The main reason that these marriage lengths are codified into law is to assist a judge with the process to award alimony. For example, in a short term marriage, it is very rare that a judge would award alimony to either spouse unless there are circumstances that warrant such an award. In moderate length marriages, judges will look at each member of the couple’s financial situation and employment prospects to see if it is necessary to make an award. During long term marriages, it is likely that some kind of alimony will be awarded, including the possibility of permanent alimony when it is clear that one spouse will not be able to start a career and become financially self-sufficient. 

What types of alimony are available in Florida?

The state allows a few different types of alimony that reflect the needs of the spouse with less earning capacity. There is a type of alimony called bridge the gap. This is meant to last less than two years and meant to help with the transition away from the marriage and into a new life. Rehabilitative alimony is available when there is a specific need for a spouse to build job skills. The spouse requesting this kind of alimony will need to present the court with a plan for some kind of relevant education or training. Durational alimony is also available to award payments for a specific duration of time after the divorce. 

Divorce lawyers in Florida

The Law Office of Verna Popo is available to assist local clients with their divorces in the Fort Lauderdale area. Anyone who needs more information can get in touch with the firm to learn more.

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